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5G Network Benefits

In our new > newer > newest world, we want fast > faster > fastest things, where an internet connection plays a crucial role. Lots of other items also come into play, but not possible if there is no connectivity. Imagine our cities, states, and homes without the Internet. How will people communicate? How will our devices be connected? Various activities will be stopped. 3G, 4G, or 5G has become an integral part of our lives. We definitely want to use a strong network. Our main focus is on better speed, but why do we need it? Or why do we need a 5G network?

Let's discuss a few examples, where 5G (Generation) is very important. Its deployment gives extra boost to the current internet connectivity. Such networks are more reliable, greater capacity, and high-speed data provider.

Enhances the future of banking

When we make online payment, there are three important participants: our credit card, bank, and an app or a webpage where we make payments. On the payment page, a timer shows the number of seconds or minutes. It informs us how much time is left. If it takes longer, the transaction fails. This happens because of network issue. The bank opens its virtual door to accept payments, which is just for a limited time because the longer period brings security threats to the bank and the user. Therefore, banks always want to finish online transactions as soon as possible. 

That's why fast and reliable network is required for online banking activities to keep our account details safe and secure. If internet speed is slow and heavy fluctuations in network, it is difficult to complete online transactions. In most of the cases they fail. 5G networks can resolve such issues because of its wide presence with better internet speed.

Autonomous cars

In plain English, we are going to talk about driverless or self-driving cars. In the next few years, there will be many smart vehicles on our roads. 5G is required for all driverless cars to function properly. A 5G network provides a stable connection. All smart cars, traffic lights, and associated road infrastructure will be connected using the concept of internet of things (IoT). 

Smart vehicles will be able to communicate to one another, and to other connected things. For example, red light signal. A smart car running at full speed, will be able to discover how far the red-light signal is, or any mandatory checkpoints where the car has to halt. These vehicles will be self-manageable, and able to detect if other connected cars want to turn right or left, automatic parking turns into reality, and many more benefits. No human interactions are required.  

If 5G is being used to watch live streaming in a connected car, and at the same time it is also used to drive the car, but due to some unexpected conditions, the internet is not available for both the activities. In this situation, the 5G network automatically gives priority to the most important activity. The available internet speed is provided to the car, and the live streaming stops. This is a great advantage of 5G networks.

5G Remote Surgery

A doctor in the USA wants to perform a surgery on a patient who is in Australia. The doctor has the required equipment, and the same equipment is installed around the patient. When the doctor performs some actions in his room, the same actions will be copied and performed by the equipment near the patient. But, to make this operation successful, a high-speed, reliable and stable network is very important. It is needed to save someone's life. If anything goes wrong, that person may lose their life, and the doctor is also under tremendous pressure. A 5G network is required to complete such virtual reality operations.

5G Gaming

Online games always need a powerful platform and a reliable internet connection. People from different countries participate and play where everything happens in real time. Multiple players, their rivals, skills, techniques, actions etc. have to be virtually, and above all quickly performed. 

All gaming companies and their consumers are concerned about internet speed because games hang, poor internet connection, and there are various other issues occur due to unstable network. In order to solve this problem, it becomes necessary to deploy the better network system, which can provide high speed data and constant internet access.

IoT or Internet of Things

We can assume that this is the last example, but it is not because a 5G network provides unlimited opportunities. We do not know what else can be achieved except the things that we are currently aware of. Internet of things (IoT) is already implemented in different parts of the world. People have begun to work on this technology. There, main hurdle is poor internet speed. IoT has to connect everything. The benefits of IoT technologies can be experienced at our homes, offices, shopping malls, parks, hospitals, and other public places. But, not quite smoothly without a reliable network like 5G. 

Let's take a look at one meeting room where IoT (Internet of Things) is deployed. There are smart sensors, devices, and equipment which are connected using a 5G network. They are able to communicate to one another, and can sense every activity. If no one is in the room, smart lights, air conditioner, and fans are off. The moment someone enters the room, the sensor detects human activity, and the lights are automatically on. The air conditioner detects that the required temperature is missing while it is being used by humans. It is automatically on, and off once the room temperature reaches the required threshold. 

Similarly, a smart projector requires all room lights to be dim during a presentation, and back to normal when the projector is off. The whole process is automatic, and the credit goes to IoT (Internet of Things), which smoothly works if 5G is available because it gives a solid boost to the Internet, which is very important for the successful deployment of IoT.    

I am sure there are more benefits than the above ones. While researching this topic I was looking for some disadvantages of 5G networks, but I could not find any strong evidence. For example, a few websites claimed that many birds died during a 5G experiment in the Netherlands. On the other hand, some websites claimed that it was fake news. That's why I did not think it proper to mention all these things. 

This technology is quite new to us. Don't know the impacts on our daily lives, health, economy, and environment. In order to understand the aftermaths, we need to wait for a few years to view positive and negative effects of 5G networks. It will be too early to comment anything. I will advise you to look at this article -

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