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Disruptive Green Technologies

Disruptive Green Technologies


Disruptive Technology

People make lots of purchases online. They don't go to local markets because everything is available online. The Ecommerce industry (online world) has disrupted the offline industry. Consumers have adopted different ways to buy products. Almost all products, the related information, and their reviews are available online. Consumers do not need to talk to anyone regarding the products, which they want to buy because the required information is already available on the internet. 

Earlier, people used to go to the local shops, markets, malls etc. They would talk to the people regarding the products, and then the purchases were made.

Now, things have changed. New trends have taken place. The internet, entrepreneurs, and startups play an important role in this process. When any new technology replaces the old one, the existing habits, hobbies, interests, and tastes of the people are also replaced with the new ones. For example, we watch lots of online videos instead of watching traditional television, which is also a part of disruptive technology. 

Disruptive technology has changed our habits, products, lifestyle, taste etc. There are lots of examples of it - Voice search, online shopping, Mobile devices, eBooks, social media etc.

Technological innovation
Technological innovation

Innovation is different from invention. When we create or produce something for the first time, it is called "Invention". For example, the first incandescent light bulb, which was invented long time ago. That was the "Invention" because people experienced that thing for the first time. It created a history.

On the other hand, "Innovation" is a continuous process, which takes place after the "Invention". Nowadays, we mostly use LED bulbs to save our environment, and to save electricity. The first incandescent light bulb is not so great if we compare it with a LED bulb in terms of the electricity consumption and the brightness. The LED Bulb is the "Innovation". 

"Invention is created. Innovation makes the Invention better."

Technological innovation can be used to create a new product, or to make the existing product better by using advanced research techniques, development studies, technical knowledge, tools etc.


Green Technology

We call it "clean" or "Environmental" or "sustainable" technology. Names can be different, but this concept gives the immense opportunities to save our environment. We can use various electronic devices to conserve the natural resources. 

Our climate is constantly changing. Pollution is increasing day by day. We are producing so much waste every day, but not trying to recycle the waste. This is the time when we have to think about alternative fuels and technologies, and then green technology comes into the picture. Green technology generates green ways to create environmentally friendly products (Eco-friendly Products). It can protect our environment while repairing the already damaged environment.  
Solar cell is a good example of green technology. Solar panels produce electrical energy from natural light (Sun's light). But there is a big issue with solar panels, they contain lead and other toxic chemicals. Every solar panel has to be replaced after a few years. There is a tough question that how to safely dispose or recycle these toxic panels.

AIAI Technology
We need more innovation in clean energy. AI or Artificial Intelligence helps us do that. Photovoltaic panels are used to produce solar energy (Clean Energy), but these panels are made of toxic chemicals. Above all, they are very costly. AI or Artificial Intelligence automatically learns from the available data, using machine learning to clone human intelligence, where iterative processing and intelligent algorithms play an important role. That's why AI becomes quite good at the repetitive tasks. The machine learns how to respond to certain actions.

Artificial intelligence (AI) can predict the performance of renewable energy, and it can also help us in designing and controlling the operation of solar energy systems, which can produce the better Photovoltaic panels with the improved power conversion efficiency at low cost.


Digital Technology
Digital technology sends data in the range of ones and zeros. For example, we send a message to our friend using a mobile phone. This message travels in the form of a binary code - 0100011... When this code goes to the intended device (the friend’s device), it becomes the message that our friend can read. The message is sent from our phone, which travels in ones and zeros, and then it is converted back into the media form. This is called digital technology, which is primarily responsible for the Digital disruption. All sectors are exposed to it.

Digital technology has got no boundaries, and no limits. Whatever we do in our lives, everything is connected. Data collection, computers, devices, methods, systems, eBooks, Videos, Social Media, Artificial intelligence, Bots etc. It is quite difficult to think about those things, which are not connected in this wired network. 

Everyday new inventions and innovations are taking place. Some people call it digital disruption, but some call it digital transformation.

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