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Connected Field Service for Microsoft Dynamics 365

Connected Field Service Microsoft Dynamics 365 Azure IoT Central

It disconnects the traditional way of business and services. We are going to discuss a different, efficient, cost-effective and result-oriented business model. You can remotely diagnose and resolve customer issues. For example, if there are some problems at the premises, you can immediately send your engineer to repair an equipment (IoT-enabled machine) before the customer finds out about it.

You need to integrate CRM with Azure IoT Central in order to receive device telemetry and other important data, which will help you send the right engineer with the right skills to do the right job.

Let's learn how Connected Field Service works:

You install an IoT-enabled machine at your customer's place. It is connected to Azure to send telemetry data, and also registered in CRM. If you have Power BI enabled, you can see the information. It helps you make more informed and smarter decisions.

When the gadget detects any issue, it sends an IoT alert to Dynamics 365, where an issue is automatically created, which becomes a work order upon discovering that an engineer visit is required to resolve the issue.

Connected Field Service Dynamics 365 Azure IoT Central

If the issue can be resolved by rebooting/restarting the machine, you will create a command in CRM. The instruction goes via Azure, and hits the device to reboot it.

Example - Your machine has to maintain certain temperature (60 degrees Celsius). One day you receive an IoT alert in CRM from your device where it says that it has crossed the threshold limit, and now the temperature is 114 degrees Celsius. You can immediately create a command to reboot it. This information is available in Azure. Open Simulator to view the temperature and reboot commands or messages.

You don't need any deep coding skills or cloud experience. Everything is already built inside Azure for you. You just have to create and connect your accounts. You can use pre-built templates to customize and deploy your own IoT or Internet of Things solution. It is quite easy and simple.

Good at saving time, money, and energy because it automatically creates work orders to send the right engineers for the right jobs, which eventually makes your consumers happy and satisfied because they may not be aware of the issues but you can see the data and issues. 

Quite intelligent because you can view the live performance of your devices. It automatically maintains the gadgets by rebooting them whenever required or by sending technicians using various types of workflows. You can improve first-time-fix rates by looking at telemetry data, then the right technicians to perform repairs with remote guidance. It gives you a great opportunity to promote your products and services because a happy consumer brings more customers, and buys more items and services.

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