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What is Internet?

What is Internet

1. For example, there are lots of stand-alone computers in this world.

2. All computers want to communicate with one another.

3. Digital information cannot travel around the world until all the machines are linked-up.

4. To solve this issue, we need a global network, which can connect all the machines.

5. This global network consists of different types of cables and wires.

6. Cloud computing, wireless technologies, 3G/4G/5G, routers, servers, data centers, wifi towers etc. are connected using a wired network.

7. The idea of the Internet is not possible without the wired network.

8. It can connect everything across the world, using the Internet of Things (IoT).

9. All kinds of Ethernet Devices in this world, communicate via fiber optic cables and wires.

10. It is a worldwide system of computer networks, where all devices can communicate and they can share data.

Let's visually understand it using the infographics:

stand-alone computers without Internet cable

How internet works


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