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Bots vs Humans

Bots vs Humans

Great at performing smart things . They bring down overall business cost, don’t want salaries, quite efficient at repetitive tasks etc. I am talking about robots, chatbots, and other programmed bots, which are invented to serve these purposes, and they are doing everything pretty well.

Artificial intelligence has revolutionized bot building, and has taken it to a new level. Almost all social media sites are using chat bots, making us talk to the machines instead of real humans. If people are not aware of this technology, then difficult to know that they are actually dealing with machine language because the whole system is very smart.

A bot is just a computer program, that gives you output based on the inputs that are injected by you. For example, a messaging app that is a chatbot in a chat product. We always talk about chatbots, but don't discuss our great skills. Bot building is one of those great human skills.

Nowadays, most of the companies are focusing on bot building. Microsoft Bot Framework provides all tools to build a bot to support customer service, sales, marketing etc. Facebook, Kik and Telegram have also launched their bot platforms.

Do we want to make our business world full of machines? Is this what we want from our growing technology? If we continue to invest in machines, not in humans, we are not going to witness any new inventions.

It is very easy to block bots and spam traffic using .htaccess file, but difficult to block all because some of them are super smart and advanced, but not more than humans.

Are bots 100% right?

    1.  Sending artificial traffic to websites, generating fake clicks and impressions. Google is spending a lot of money to distinguish between a bot click and a natural click. This is a very bad business because many accounts are getting banned, and so much money is being spent to recognize such click bots.

Companies are using them to review applications, but the same work can be done by us in a detailed manner. These machines can be fooled, but we can't be.

    2.   Messaging apps are using chatbots, which are able to translate and interpret human natural language input through a combination of natural language processing and machine learning. These chatbots suggest some automated words and messages. If all users are using the same app, they will end up exchanging the same stuff. The end of our creativity. 

Such messaging apps are suggesting human names too, which are not 100% accurate. 
    3.   Hiring companies using them to scan your resume, sending you messages that your job application has been rejected, making you unable to understand why it happened or what went wrong in spite of fulfilling all job requirements. Because the bots replaced humans to do this job, caused rejection without providing any detailed explanation.

    4.   All customer centric companies are using customer service executives to deal with consumers. I can understand that there could be bad experiences too, but you will always hear from humans, who can give proper explanation if you have some concerns.

Machines always provide the same set of answers for specific questions. You will get tired of asking different questions, but bots will never be tired of providing the same answers. 

If you go ahead and search more, you will find a lot of technical stuff by machines, is not 100% accurate. I know that nobody is perfect. Then, why do we choose bots over humans?

We invest more to improve machines, but we do not want to invest any more to improve people. If employees do not do their jobs properly, we replace them with machines.

Humans learn, earn, spend, and run the economy. Bots don’t, and an overuse of them is a big threat.

I greatly support latest technology, but not at the cost of losing the human touch. There should be the right balance. I do not want machines to outsmart us because if that happens, we can miss some incredible future inventions. 

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