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What is .NET Framework?

Microsoft .NET Framework

1. A software room, developed by Microsoft.

2. We can use it to build different types of gaming, form-based, mobile-based apps and web services.

3. Install it on a machine running the Windows operating system, but build apps for any operating systems like Apple, Linux, Android etc.

4. We can build any client applications for Dynamics 365.

5. It supports many programming languages - C#, F# where "#" is pronounced as "sharp", VB.NET (Visual Basic), C++, JScript, PowerShell, IronPython etc.

6. This is an environment where we can build our software, we can debug it, and we can run it.

7. Visual Studio is used as IDE (Integrated Development Environment) to develop the .NET Framework applications. 

8. Simplifying development, deployment and integration.

9. We can use labels, buttons, forms, pages, numbers, strings etc.

10. It contains reusable code. A piece of software, which can be used again and again. 

11. It contains lots of functionalities. If we want to use a button or we need a form while developing a software app, we do not need to write a new program for that purpose because all these functionalities are already available in it. 

12. It is like a room. If we want to clean the floor, a mop is required. We do not need to manufacture it because the mop is already available there. We can use the mop whenever it is required. Microsoft .NET Framework makes our tasks easier and faster.

13. It is a collection of tools and technologies for building applications. There are many APIs to connect to various databases, and for other purposes.

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