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A Software Framework

Software Framework

A newbie – Hey! what type of room is this?

Tech N Toast – Don’t worry, I will explain to you.

Let’s take an example of food. We need lots of things to make biryani.

We need rice, spices, vegetables, and dry fruits. Without these items, it is impossible to make it. They are in different boxes in our kitchen. Whenever we want to make biryani, the ingredients are readily available. We do not have to go out to grow or prepare them. Some people have already done the hard work. They have already prepared those items. For example, farmers grow the rice and vegetables, which are available in our kitchen, and make our job easier.

Let’s understand Software Framework using spices in our Kitchen

Now, let’s replace

Our ingredients with a collection of code libraries, compilers, interpreters, predefined classes and functions, APIs etc.

And the Kitchen with a Framework.

When we start building a software application, we need to use lots of functions, tools, forms, etc. For example, we want to implement an authentication form, we can directly use that form because it is readily available in our Framework. Someone has already written the code, or we can say that someone has already done the hard work to make our software building task easier. Now, we no need to write the code for 
the authentication form.

A framework can easily handle all repetitive or common tasks because it is a collection of various libraries, compilers, interpreters, predefined classes and functions, APIs etc. In layman's terms, we can say that it is a software room, which contains reusable code. 

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